Use digital currency for good.

When you donate your digital currency to America SCORES Bay Area you benefit our students’ lives and help change the future of philanthropy. 

Not only does your gift go to our amazing programs in the Bay Area, but you increase transparency and donor trust through our technology initiatives.

When you donate to the campaign, you invest in:


You support your community’s future leaders through public education in low-income communities


You contribute to our long-term, open-source technology project where we plan to increase transparency across all parts of the nonprofit.


You get to keep more cash on hand while increasing the everyday use of digital currency

Why Digital Currency

Support Our Students

When you donate, you are supporting your local community and the work we are doing right here in the Bay Area for the next generation of future leaders. We run three programs to achieve our mission of empowering “poet-athletes” to lead healthy lifestyles, be engaged and collaborative students, and have the confidence and character to make a difference in the world:   

  •  After-School Enrichment Programs: These programs develop our kids’ creative, athletic, and community service skills through Soccer, Poetry, and Service Learning. 
  •  Asphalt-to-Turf: Our Asphalt-to-Turf program transforms urban spaces into sanctuaries for students to play, where every $12 donated equals 1 sq. ft. of asphalt to turf. 
  • Endowment: If you’d like to support America SCORES through your legacy, you can provide an Endowment. This investment contributes year-after-year and provides sustainable income that the students can count on for our after-school programs, Asphalt-to-Turf, or our hardworking staff, for the foreseeable future.

Empower Our Donors (You!)

When you donate using digital currency, your gift supports our programming, our staff who makes it all possible, and contribute to our longevity and long-term vision to transform the lives of poet-athletes in the Bay Area.

Embrace Our Organization

When you donate using digital currency, your gift supports our programming, our staff who makes it all possible, and also our long-term initiative to increase transparency and trust in philanthropy. We’re working on a blockchain project that will protect our students’ data, but also provide more transparency to our donors.

Invest in Our Technology

Since our background is Silicon Valley, we value innovation. When you donate digital currency, you contribute to our initiative to increase transparency and trust in philanthropy. This project will protect our students’ data and provide more transparency to our donors.

Why Us

Our Stories

Bridgette’s poem “ME” shows how she overcame bullying to be herself and to realize her dreams. Watch how SCORES helped this poet-athlete find her way to the US Women’s U14 National Team.

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Our Stories

The students of Woodrow Wilson Elementary School in Daly City made it  clear just how much fun they were having at the opening ceremony of their brand new Field of Dreams.

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Our Impact

We’ve studied our organization’s impact on our students’ lives measurably improved student learning, social-emotional skills,
and health


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